Show coming up on March 2nd!

And it promises to be unbelievable.  Here’s a photo form our last rehearsal….







Ok, so it we aren’t joining the circus but when House of Doc gets on stage at the Pantages Playhouse along with the Westgate Collegiate Concert Choir and Concert Band it certainly starts to feel like circus!

With four members who graduated from Westgate (all choir and band members) HoD are very excited about the show, and thrilled to be able to help Westgate raise funds for their upcoming renovations.  We remember all too well how crowed the multi-purpose music room was!

If you’re interested in a show which, in many ways, is the folk/bluegrass equivalent of Quinzmas, Call Westgate 775-7111 for tickets, or for the big spenders there are tickets to the pre-show wine and cheese reception as well.

Hope to see you there.

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We Rocked, We Rested, We’re Ready to Go

It’s been almost a month since Quinzmas and I think we’re all finally recovered.  To those who attended, Thanks for coming and we hope you had as much fun as we did.

For those who missed it, no worries there’s always next year!

I won’t try to some up the biggest show of our year in a few typed words, but I will say that playing at the Burton Cummings has long been a dream and the reality did not disappoint.

Anyway moving right along in to the new year…We’re heading out on a brief tour at the end of January.

For anyone in Alberta here are the dates:

January 27 – Fish Creek Concerts, Southwood United Church Calgary

January 28 – Tongue on the Post Folk Festival, Medicine Hat Community College

Hope to see you there


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If you run into a member of Quinzy or HoD on the street and ask them what’s up, there’s only gonna be one answer.  Quinzmas!

These days are all about rehearsals, meetings, promo, interviews, rehearsals, meetings, writing, arranging…and rehearsals.



But then, the payoff –

On DEC. 16th, we all get to join in the reckless joy that is the annual quinzmas concert.

So we’ll keep practicing,  you all can go get tickets  and well see you at the Burton Cummings theatre for another lucicrous night.


You may have noticed that our web background is a shot of the infamous quinzmas balloon drop.  Stay tuned to the site and we’ll keep adding sights and sounds from quinzmases past to get you all in spirit.



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And We’re Baaaaack!

We’ll, that’s enough sitting around staring at our baby. It’s time to get back out there.  House of Doc will be playing a few small shows across the country as we make our way out to Comox BC for the Filberg Festival.

After several months off we’ve had some fun re-organizing and rehearsing the show.  Our dear friends Dave and Jason Pankratz are still on board as our rhythm section.  To be completely honest, I’m not sure if it’s exactly like riding a bike, but I can tell you that someone is really excited….

Here are the upcmoing shows:

July 24,2011     Barn Concert …..Osler, Sask. 7:30pm

July 25, 2011    Private House Concert, Okotoks, Alberta

July26,2011   Ralph Connor United Church, Canmore, Alberta

July 30 and 31   Filberg Festival, Comox , B.C.

Hope to see you there.



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New year, new plans

Hello friends,

As usual it has been way too long since I posted anything here at…but seriously, I have a REALLY good excuse this time!  We have a new member who we’ve been auditioning–we don’t know what instrument he plays, or what voice he sings, or  if he can be potty trained, but he sure does boost our cuteness factor.

Here he is. Please say hello to Hugo Harder.

Obviously this will mean a little time off, but Connie Kaldor promised us that babies make great accessories to a traveling band and we’re taking her at her word.  I mean, who needs sleep…

We’re gonna spend our break writing and maybe recording a bit, maybe napping, but we’ll be back on the road in the spring/summer so don’t forget about us.

Cheers. See ya Soon.

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Don’t Panic!

Hi all,

If any of our fans out there were checking the weather network as often as our parents were, we just want everyone to know that HoD was just ahead of all that snow around lake superior.  We had an almost totally uneventful trip back to winnipeg.  So mom, dad…don’t panic.


Speaking of not panicking…..

We’ve heard from some people who purchased copies of Coventry Carol that contain no disc.  If you are also one of these people, CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve won a secret lottery that we forgot to mention on the tour.  Anyone who got an empty copy of Coventry Carol wins…you guessed it….Another copy of Coventry Carol!

Ok, so we screwed up.   It was after midnight before we started the drive to Toronto and we were madly stuffing CDs and sticking labels.  Quality control must have slipped….

Please write and email at our CONTACT page, and put CONTEST WINNER in the subject line.  Let us know how many blanks you bought.  We’ll get you looked after.  I don’t know how you can prove that you actually got empties and aren’t just trying to take advantage of innocent young folk musicians, but I think we can trust our fans.

Sorry about the hassle


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Hi folks,

Just want to highlight a change to the tour info in my last post.

The second Grebel show was not a free admission event and it is sold out so we’ve deleted it from the list.

The noon Grebel show is free so if your in the area….

We hit the road wednesday at 8pm and 24 short hours later we’ll be rolling into K-W

See ya’ll soon.



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‘Tis the Season

Christmas touring season, that is….

HoD is headed to southern Ontario with shiny new batch of their 2009 a capella xmas release “Coventry Carol”

Sorry, our SonicBids page isn’t working, so here’s list of the dates we’re playing.  We’ll be performing most of the xmas record along with some old xmas standards, some back catalog stuff, and some brand new unreleased tunes.  Hope to see some old friends and new fans.




New Hamburg  Nov. 20th  7:30 show  514 Huron St. New Hamburg…for tickets email

Moonshine Cafe  Nov. 22nd 137 Kerr St Oakville  7:30 show…

Conrad Grebel  Nov. 24th  140 Westmount Rd. Waterloo   12 noon…admission free…phone 519-885-0220  ext. 24226 for info

music@145 Nov. 25th  145 King St  St. Catherines   7:30show…

Hamilton Mennonite Nov.26th  143 Lower Horning Rd., Hamilton   7:30show…for tickets and info phone 905-632-8268   email

Rockway Mennonite Nov. 27th  32 Weber St. W  Kitchener   8pm show…admission free..donations to MCC…for info phone 519-741-8224

Hugh’s Room Gospel Brunch  Nov. 28   2261 Dundas St. W Toronto  2pm show  website…

See ya there!

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More youtube fun…

We’ll Dan’s been at it again with the HDcam and the editing software.  Check out the lastest from our resident documentarian.  Also just want to invite you fine folks to subscribe to our youtube channel.  I’ve seen the video camera a lot this month so I’m sure many new HoD adventures will be popping up.  Here’s the link:

see ya there

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HoD on CBC

About a month ago we posted about trip out to Vancouver to tape a live concert for CBC.

Well, the editing process is done and it’s almost time for that show to hit the airwaves!

The first broadcast will be on Main CBC TV Network Vancouver on August 28th at 7pm Pacific time.  HoD is on tour in ontario so we’re looking for someone with satelite TV who gets the vancouver channel to invite us over for drinks….

It is scheduled to be broadcast several times on CBC BOLD TV through FALL/WINTER 2011.  Stay tuned, we’ll update as airtimes are confirmed.

And of course, none of use can afford fancy cable so feel free to invite us over…


It’s to be broadcast August 28th at 7pm pacific time.  To be broadcast in BC only on main network.  Then, following this, it will be broadcast on BOLD TV multiple times nationally over the fall, winter & 2011.  TBA on the Bold TV action.

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