Don’t Panic!

Hi all,

If any of our fans out there were checking the weather network as often as our parents were, we just want everyone to know that HoD was just ahead of all that snow around lake superior.  We had an almost totally uneventful trip back to winnipeg.  So mom, dad…don’t panic.


Speaking of not panicking…..

We’ve heard from some people who purchased copies of Coventry Carol that contain no disc.  If you are also one of these people, CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve won a secret lottery that we forgot to mention on the tour.  Anyone who got an empty copy of Coventry Carol wins…you guessed it….Another copy of Coventry Carol!

Ok, so we screwed up.   It was after midnight before we started the drive to Toronto and we were madly stuffing CDs and sticking labels.  Quality control must have slipped….

Please write and email at our CONTACT page, and put CONTEST WINNER in the subject line.  Let us know how many blanks you bought.  We’ll get you looked after.  I don’t know how you can prove that you actually got empties and aren’t just trying to take advantage of innocent young folk musicians, but I think we can trust our fans.

Sorry about the hassle


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