House of Doc CD - Coventry Carol PT1COVENTRY CAROL [part one]
Released November 15, 2009
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This Christmas album features the history or choral music in our renditions of all acapella tunes. This six song EP features madrigals, 30’s style flare, and even a german classic.

East of WestEAST OF WEST
Released 2007
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East of West is the latest addition to the House of Doc musical stable. With a rich range of songs from the classic Sweet City Woman, to the the epic Summerstone, East of West is sure to impress.

Released June 28, 2005
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Prairiegrass, our second full length recording, is a collection of songs that honour the legacy of grandparents. Stories of the trials of immigration, the depression, WWII, building the railroad and, of course, the timeless theme of love and love lost — a Canadian album with a Canadian story.



From the gentle strains of the haunting Gravestones in Namaka through the zippy banjo licks of the good-ridance ditty I Was Lonely to the stirring a cappella gospel Wait In Line, this is a striking and unfailingly beautiful work.
– Winnipeg Sun (4/5 Stars)

House of Doc perform breezy traditional bluegrass, gospel and country pop. The band makes phenominal use of vocal harmonies — often utilizing a capella in the songs — as well as a passion and energy that, much like Great Big Sea, transcends the roots pop genre.
Calgary Sun

Released November 30, 2002
Listen to the full album on VIRB°

Entitled Sacred Blue, their debut recording is ultimately a Gospel album.

It does, however, use a musical palette which is unfamiliar to the traditional Gospel sound.

With choral singing roots coloured by Old Time Bluegrass, Celtic, Folk, and Blues, House of Doc is attempting to create a new sound that pays homage to a long and right Gospel tradition.

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