The Coast

Yup, that’s how excited we were to be back in Lunenburg Nova Scotia.  We did it all: ate lobster, ate mussels, skipped stones in the ocean, ate mussels, met characters, tasted local brew, ate mussels, of course we played some shows, and ate mussels!

In the background of this shot you can see our host Barry Olivella.  We’d like to thank Barb and Barry for their exceptional hospitality and thanks to the entire audience at the festival.  We  love Lunenburg. Period.

Lunenburg had almost everything we could have asked for, except an internet connection so I’m very behind on posts.  Check in, we’ll try to get some video from Lunenburg and an update on the St. John’s leg up here ASAP.


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Over the shield

We’ve started our eastern tour.

The van is loaded, new PS2 installed, coolers laden with sandwich fixins and we’re not stopping ’til we get to St. John’s Newfoundland!

Ok, we’re stopping a couple o times…

We played a fantastic old tyme barn concert at Cornell Farms, just outside of Fort Frances.  Many Thanks to Pat and Kim and their clan for hosting us; there is nothing quite like eating beef on a bun on a beef farm.  See you at the cottage next year.

Here’s a link to the FFTimes review of the show:

Next stop Lunenberg Nova Scotia. Stay tuned.

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Lights, Camera…..

Taping of “All Access” is tonight.

Stage looks great. PA sounds great. Rehearsals went great. We can’t wait.

Just a quick reminder to any friends in Vancouver who aren’t on the email list, show is tonight at 7pm. It’s free, just contact CBC to get on the guest list.


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Home Sweet Home?

Hi Folks,

HoD is headed out to Vancouver once again.  With nearly half of our year spent on the west coast it’s starting to feel like our second home…

We’ll be there on June 19th to tape a CBC TV show called “All Access”  It’ll be short trip back through the history of band (with performances of some older tunes) and then we’ll be unveiling four new songs that were recorded in Vancouver in April.

So, if you’re a fan of the old material, or you’re curious about where we’re headed next, or better yet, you’ve never heard of HoD but are looking for something new to to put in your ipod…Come down to the CBC Vancouver on June 19th.  More details at the CBC page…

Stay tuned….We’ll be posting some embarrassing old shots of HoD in the next couple days.

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Go West, Young Band!

Hi Folks. Just want to let you all know we’re on tour right now. Playing theatres and some house concerts all around Alberta.

Stay tuned to Twitter–Becka will keep you up to date.

We’ll also try to get some shots of HoD in springtime on the prairies…So Y’all come back now y’hear.

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Proof We Were There…

OK…..It may seem a bit late to be suffering from olympic fever but we’re still enjoying the after glow of an amazing week in February.  Many, many thanks to all who were responsible for the “Cultural Olypmiad” in Vancouver.  The venues, the crew, the audiences, and the weather were all outstanding.  (maybe no one can actually take credit for that last one, but when winnipeggers get to dine and pint outdoors in february we have to thank someone!)

For anyone who, like us, can’t really believe we were there,  there’s irrefutable proof at the court of YouTube.


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Alberta Bound

Sorry, we forgot to mention that we aren’t headed straight back to Winnipeg. We’ve got three shows on the way home.
Feb 26 in Westlock, Feb 27 Calgary, Feb 28 Holden, then it’s home to settle in to a bit of R n R.

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Headed Home *sigh*

Well…we’ve finished our two shows at the the 2010 olympics.  In a word, OUTSTANDING.  We can’t say enough good things about the venues, the crowds, and the crews who are running the event.  We played in the Live City tent 10 minutes after Canada beat the swiss in a shoot out, we played Whistler the day Jon Montgomery won the men’s skeleton, and better yet, we ate lunch on an outdoor patio on February 21st. (how can we ever go back to manitoba!)

Here’s a shot of HoD on the podium.

Dan’s got lots of video footage to edit but stay tuned, he’ll have some clips up here as soon as he can.

Olympians, Out.

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New Year, New Tours….

Those of you who follow Rebecca’s tweets know that we spent last weekend in Cincinnati OH.  It was an amazing gathering of talented artists–hope we see those folks again soon.

Here’s a shot of us playing at the church (Many thanks to Dad with shakey hands!)

We played, We partied, We made a lot of new friends, we ate at an unbelievable BBQ restauraunt……..But couldn’t get an interview on WKRP.

On the way home we were caught in a brutal storm.  Good news…we filled the trailer with two tonnes of snow to deliver to our next stop—–The Vancouver Olympics!

We’ve barely recovered from the US trip, but we head to BC at 6:00 am tuesday Feb. 16th.  We play in dowtown Van on the 18th and in Whistler on the 19th.  There are thousands of performers in town, but we feel we have a serious shot at the podium.  Watch the twitter bar–we’ll keep you updated.


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And To All A good Night…..

Just wanted to thank all who were in (and out of) your seats on friday and saturday night.  ‘Quinzmas 2009’ was an overwhelming success! It was great to see so many people there, and even greater to see you all at the merch table–thank you for generously investing in “Coventry Carol [part one]”  Hope you enjoy it over the christmas season. Stay tuned for [part two] next year….

Our Take on the Concert:  Our friends in the choir were, as usual, gorgeous talented and most importantly energetic.  Our first year with horns was outright triumphant–many thanks to the hornists.  Our collaborations with Q get more odd (and more fun) every year.  Uh, What was with that dancing ELF! The new West End CC is great.  It was outstanding to have Shaw TV taping the show for broadcast–tune in to see it  Thursday Dec. 17  7:00 pm.  (check listings for other showtimes) and of course to all of you who sit,stand,hoot,holler,cheer, and wait patiently for the balloon drop…That weekend was surreal! THANK YOU.

We know there were some photographers in the audience, please send us photos to post.

Also just a quick reminder that our christmas special on “Coventry” is still in effect until Dec. 24 ’09

1 copy $10,  5 copies $40,  10 copies $60…They fit in most standard stockings and make great hostess gifts for all those holiday visits!  Available with paypal at our Merchandise page.

Our fans have all been so generous that we’ve had to reprint “coventry” and we’ve already sold half of the second pressing!!!!thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thank you thankyou thankyou thaknyou thankyou!!!!!!!!

It’s been a long hard november and december touring through the rocky mountains.. HoD is looking forward to a couple weeks to relax with family.  Talk to you again in January.

Merry Christmas (and merry Quinzmas!)


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