Inane Weblog #5 (this is us halfway through saskatchewan)

somehow we woke up in toronto this morning, day 5ish of our tour of saskatchewan.  i’m not entirely sure as to how we got there, but i have my suspicions that it involved a golf club, a bottle of Silent Sam, and a cardboard box full of golden retriever puppies.

in three hours we will play Rostern, or is it Mennoskatchewan?  which will hopefully be a good audience.  not that other stops haven’t been good, just that there’s been a rumour circulating that this particular show will include juiceboxes, a bag of safeway buns and a tray of salt-cured meats, something i’ve been craving ever since we left winnipeg. 

Eryn Maloney, our Sound Guy, has not managed to set anything on fire, and also make us sound nice.  Which is good in the sense that we brought him along to make us sound nice and he’s doing his job, but bad in the sense that he hasn’t come up with any elaborate pyrotechnic displays.

aside from that, the highlight of the tour so far has been our show in Wynyard, where after the show, after the intimate and calming encore, Daniel, whilst delicately making his way off stage so as to preserve the mood, tripped over the violin.  The last Wynyard saw of House of Doc was us staring horrified at a violin suspended in mid-air as the stage lights went out.   rock and roll.

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One thought on “Inane Weblog #5 (this is us halfway through saskatchewan)

  1. Elise

    Is the violin okay??

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