Inane web log #1

Every Horrible Thing Jesse Has Ever Done

The other day i had a dream that my friend Darren wrote me one of those pocket sized robert munch books about every horrible thing that i had ever done or had happen to me. i can only remember the one scene, I had fallen to the ice playing broom ball, and a bunch of other kids were standing around throwing firecrackers at me. the caption on the bottom of the page read: “And he really deserved this.”

i don’t know if that ever actually happened.

Also, what i thought was carpal tunnel syndrome, acquired during my term as a Wandering Minstrel at the Seven Oaks General Hospital, was really Hypochondria and a tendency to sleep on my hands. This is good news for all, especially those of us who look forward to reading things that i type. with my hands.

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One thought on “Inane web log #1

  1. Rebecca

    So glad to hear about those hands my friend. That is scary business. As for the broomball and firecrackers, you probably did deserve it. Luv ya.

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